Is saving money by buying used appliances worth the risk?

If you are looking to save money on appliances, Consumer Reports reveals that if you buy appliances used, where you buy them could make a big difference.

Experts recommend avoiding yard sales and websites like Craigslist because an individual selling to you won't be able to give you a guarantee.

However, if you are buying from a reputable used appliance store, you will get at least somewhat of a warranty.

Action13 reporter Jeff Ehling said he paid $50 for a warranty on a used washer and dryer. His total cost for everything was $225.

He said the warranty came in handy when the dryer belt broke, and it was replaced for free.

Consumer Reports also said the brand of the appliance makes a difference.

"Consumer Reports reliability surveys of thousands of members found that LG, GE and Kenmore all earned a good or higher reliability rating for their fridges, ranges, washers and dryers," said Perry Santanachote of Consumer Reports.

Experts also suggested finding the manufacturer's sticker and checking to see if the machine has been included in a safety recall. If the machine doesn't have a model number and serial sticker in place, skip it. It could have been recalled, or scrapped, and illegally salvaged.

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