Letter to Santa gets grandpa day off work

HARTFORD-NEW HAVEN, CT -- A Connecticut grandfather is getting a gift from Santa he will likely never forget, thanks to his grandson's heartfelt letter, WFSB reports.

Kids make a lot of special requests of the big guy at the North Pole, but little Julian wanted one thing more than any other. He wrote Santa a handwritten note which said, "My greatest wish is that you talk to my grandfather's boss Mr. John Mathers and ask him if he could give my grandfather Christmas Day off."

Ok, he didn't let the opportunity to make another request, finishing his letter to Santa with a PS. "If you have time and think I earned it, I would also love a Xbox 360."

The letter made its way to the manager of the hotel where Julian's grandfather works. He drafted a memo in response which read, "(Santa) was concerned that you were planning to work on Christmas Day. Your grandchildren are quite upset about this! I think it would be best if you planned to take the day off and spend it with your family. Work can wait until after Christmas."