Westbury neighbors come together after dog poisoned by Sago Palm

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Friday, July 31, 2020
Neighbors come together after dog poisoned by Sago Palm
WATCH: A Houston-area dog mom has a warning for other pet parents about the dangers of this common plant.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Neighbors in Westbury worked together to help a woman remove her sago palms from her backyard after they made her dog very sick almost immediately.

"He was in the ICU for three days," dog owner Blair Snyder said. "The vet said most dogs don't make it."

After the incident with her dog, Nugget, Snyder posted her story on Nextdoor to warn others.

But what she didn't expect was for a group to get together and remove her sago palms.

"I was really shocked and surprised at first because who does that?" Snyder recalled. "Who just helps out of nowhere and just comes by and says, 'I'm going to gather a team of people.' There are good people out there, it makes me feel better about the world, especially in this day and age."

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"It actually turned into a really enjoyable neighborly event," neighbor Roy McNeily Jr. said. "We had food, good company, and we got the sago out."

The neighbors say the plants are very hard to remove. So far, they've only got one out.

Snyder says she feels so thankful for her neighbors, one of whom is actually an HFD employee who works night shift, but still came out during the day to help.

Snyder also wants to warn other pet parents that animals can be attracted to sago palms due to the aroma, so be careful!

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