RV tossed by high winds as couple slept during Friday storms

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Sunday, April 25, 2021
High winds flip RV with couple sleeping inside
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Fred Fagan said he and his girlfriend, Mary, had been through hurricanes before, but nothing like what they experienced Friday night at Crystal Beach.

CRYSTAL BEACH, Texas (KTRK) -- A couple living on the Bolivar Peninsula said they lost everything Friday night when their RV was flipped over by strong winds as severe storms passed through the region.

Fred Fagan and his girlfriend, Mary, were asleep inside when it happened.

"Kind of like we were in a dryer at the laundromat," Fagan said. "It just went over and over, and we spun around with it twice, and then it stopped. And then, we were trapped underneath the mattress and the wood."

Fagan said volunteer firefighters responded to pull them from the wreckage and neighbors collected supplies to help with their recovery. The couple, who've lived in the trailer since 1998, said they've been through many hurricanes, but had never experienced anything like Friday's storms before.

Radar estimates showed winds on the peninsula may have reached 90 miles per hour as the storms passed through.

A weather monitoring station 20 miles away on a Galveston Island fishing pier showed winds reached more than 60 miles per hour.