Use these 10 weeks to transition from the couch to the pavement

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner that's been out of the loop for a while, use these tips to get you going towards a 3-mile run.

This 10-week plan can get you from the couch to a 5K race.

Before you start running, you have to warm up. Try walking lunges, butt kicks and high knees.

You should start with a run/walk plan for the first two weeks. Walk 15 minutes out and run-walk 15 minutes back. Your body will tell you when you are pushing too hard and to back off. You should shoot for three days a week.

Now, it's time to expand during weeks 3 and 4. Go out 18 minutes and 18 minutes back. For the first 5 minutes, you should walk. In the middle, you should try and jog as long as you can. For the last 5 minutes, you should walk.

In weeks 5 and 6, shoot for more time and more days. Head out for 20 minutes and 20 minutes back. Walk the first 5 minutes, then jog or run for 30 minutes in the middle. Walk the last 5 minutes.

In weeks 7 and 8, shoot for more time and consistency. Head out for 23 minutes and 23 minutes back. Walk the first 5 minutes, then jog or run for 36 minutes in the middle. Your pace during this time should be enough for you to hold a conversation while running. Finally, walk the last five minutes.

By weeks 9 and 10, you should be ready. Head out for 25 minutes and back 25 minutes. Walk the first 5 minutes, followed by a run or jog in the middle 40 minutes. Walk during the last five minutes.

With this preparation, you should be ready for your first 5K.

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