13-year-old double-murder suspect escapes after court appearance

LUMBERTON, North Carolina -- Sheriff's deputies are searching for a 13-year-old charged with two counts of first-degree murder who escaped custody Tuesday.

The teen disappeared after a hearing at the Robeson County, North Carolina Courthouse. He was in leg restraints and wasn't wearing shoes, but still managed to escape.

In addition to the two murder counts, he also had a charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon. Because he is a juvenile, the sheriff's office identified him only as Jericho W.

Jericho W.


The North Carolina Department of Public Safety said Jericho should be considered a threat to the public because of a "prior history of assaultive and unpredictable behavior."

Jericho, who is from Lumberton, North Carolina, was one of two people arrested October 17 for the double homicide, which happened October 15. He and a 19-year-old man were arrested and charged in the deaths of two brothers.

After the arrest, Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said the deadly incident had a "drug component to it."

Derrick Deshawn Hunt

Robeson County Sheriff's Office

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