Houston woman shares terrifying video of man pointing gun at her in alleged road rage incident

Thursday, October 29, 2020
Camera shows heated exchange in alleged road rage incident
A confrontation on the road quickly turned to road rage when a suspect started firing his gun at a couple. What the husband said happened.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police are investigating a reported road rage incident that a victim said ended in gunfire.

Police say the incident happened Friday, Oct. 23 at around 6 p.m. in the 12000 block of Main Street.

The driver, who wants to remain anonymous, told ABC13 said she and her wife were driving on Highway 90 near Hiram Clarke in southwest Houston.

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"It's all started when he tried to push me out of the way so he could merge first and the thing is another car passed in front he kept swerving and he hit the side mirror," she said.

The driver added that when the man got more aggressive he began following them, accusing them of side-swiping him. That's when she said she knew things were not going smoothly and she told her wife to start recording.

Video sent into ABC13 shows the driver's wife recording a man in another vehicle. In the video, you can see when the man pulls out a gun and points it at the woman. From there, the woman and man exchange words before a "popping" sound goes off.

After shooting at them, the suspect was not done. The woman said he pulled back, got out of his vehicle, and continued to harass them while holding the gun in his back pocket. The suspect eventually got back in his car and took off.

Now, Houston police say they are still searching for the suspect. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers.

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