Beware rock bottom prices on Botox and fillers: doctors

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A recent crackdown by the Houston Police Department on so-called medical spas is raising serious questions. What products are clinics using for injections? How much bogus Botox is being injected across the city?

The concern stems from the arrest of Ricky Delatorre, 26. He owns a medspa by the name of RD Aesthetica MedSpa off Centre Parkway near Bissonnet Street.

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Man arrested allegedly gave illegal Botox injections and fillers to patients.

ABC13 obtained exclusive details surrounding his arrest. Investigators said the so-called Botox seized from the office wasn't FDA approved. They said it's not meant to be used on people in the United States.

We reached out to two board certified dermatologists. They said there is growing concern in the medical community about the clinics and questions over medicines are being administered to patients.

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They said it is imperative people seeking cosmetic procedures do their research. You should ask for your providers' qualifications and always seek a board certified dermatologist.

"You want to know where they are getting their product from. You want to make sure it is actually Botox from Allergan from the United States," said Dr. Helen Malone, cosmetic director at Baylor College of Medicine. "People are getting discounted products from other countries, which is incredibly scary because you don't know what people are injecting into your face. You're talking about your face. This is something that could potentially do permanent damage. If you inject toxic substances into your face, it can kill your skin."
Inside Dr. Esta Kronberg's office across town, she shared similar concerns. She said patients should see a red flag if they encounter discount prices.

"'Medspa' has kind of lost its meaning to me because you really don't know who owns it, who is doing the injections," Dr. Kronberg said. "Just because a doctor owns it doesn't mean they are one who is trained in skin. Botox can be injected in the wrong muscle. You can get double vision. You can get a droopy eyelid. You can look like you had a stroke. That's going to last three to four months with Botox."

Dr. Kronberg said when cosmetic procedures are done in a safe manner, people see tremendous results. She encourages people waiting to address lines in their face to consultation a board certified dermatologist.

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ABC13's Marla Carter followed a nurse accused of illegal Botox injections as she left a jail on Thursday.

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