Woman body-shamed after video of her rescue from icy Michigan lake goes viral

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Michigan -- A woman has faced a barrage of body-shaming after a video of her rescue from an icy lake went viral.

Korisa Miller said she was fishing with a friend in Michigan Monday afternoon when she lost her footing, fell off the dock, and slipped onto the ice.

The ice broke, and Miller found herself in frigid 36-degree water up to her chin. Within minutes, she couldn't feel her legs. Nearby fishermen held onto Miller until police arrived.

Bodycam video from the Macomb County Sheriff's office shows a responding officer attempting to hoist her back onto the dock.

"Help me. I'm numb," she can be heard pleading. "I'm completely numb. I'm stuck."

After a grueling 15 minutes, Miller was pulled to safety.

Yet when the sheriff's office posted this video to Facebook, trolls flooded the comment section, making light of the situation by insulting Miller's weight.

Some people came to Miller's defense, posting, "Thank god they got her out in time and shame on the people criticizing her body shape."

"The trolls out there need to realize that there are people that will stand up for themselves ... You need to bring people up instead of tearing people down," Miller told Good Morning America.
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