Pastor zip lines into church

A pastor's non-traditional trip to the pulpit has gone viral!

Brown Baptist Church Pastor Bartholomew Orr was recorded flying in on a zip line. His goal? He says he was delivering a sermon on being ready for Jesus' return and wanted to give his congregants a visual. Laughter could be heard as Orr descended onto to stage, but he continued on.

The Mississippi minister calls himself a "prop preacher" using different items to get his message across.
"It really fit with the message I was preaching. What better way to say he is coming back. Are you ready for his return? I am a prop preacher anyway, so I have used props," Pastor Orr explained.

The video has some saying the pulpit and church aren't the places for stage acts and shows. Others encourage the use of non-traditional methods, to reach all types of people.

Video of his entrance quickly went viral with more than 2 million views.
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