Community reacts to charges pressed against Houston megachurch pastor

HOUSTON, Texas -- In case you didn't know, the megachurch where Pastor Caldwell preaches is massive.

Windsor Village United Methodist Church has a congregation of more than 16,000, to say many of them were shocked by the recent charges is an understatement.

Pastor Kirbjohn Caldwell is known and loved by so many, so news of the indictment is shocking and to some, unbelievable.

On Thursday, Caldwell had is first on-air appearance, following the news of the charges.

It is unknown if he's going to attend tonight's dinner at the church or the one that's scheduled for Saturday, but we'll keep our ears open for it.

As for his large congregation, the members are sticking by him and showing their support.

"He's everything. He's a leader, he's a supporter, and he's an encourager. He prays for us. He covers us. So in return, that's what we're doing for him," said Parishioner Sherrie Barrett.

Like Barrett, Howard Jefferson is also standing behind Pastor Caldwell.

"Kirbyjon Caldwell is the number one ethical preacher in this city and we are all in for him. All in. That's our tune now is all in," Jefferson said.

Non-members weren't so nice online, in fact, many of them said allegations like this in churches nationwide, are nothing new.