Incarcerated fathers spend time with children for holidays

RALEIGH, NC (KTRK) -- At Central Prison, incarcerated fathers spent time with their children on Saturday through Proverbs 22:6, an organization that promotes healthy relationship for children of inmates.

"What is important for these kids to do while in school is to help them break the cycle by reconciling and reconstructing their relationship with their fathers," founder Cyril Prabhu said.

"Your daddies have made mistakes, but they've also had victories," he said to the group.

The organized events give incarcerated fathers a chance to take part in family building games and activities and for children to spend time with their fathers.

Prabhu said these moments help children mend their relationships and have positive experiences with their parent.

The program also provides college tuition for children of incarcerated inmates. WRAL reports that the program runs in 4 states along the east coast.

He said these visits are the first step in a process designed to keep children of inmates out of prison.

"There's dignity in relationships that's being restores in this room, and the happiness index in this room is not measureable," Prabhu said.
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