'The Good Doctor' cast prepares to check out of primetime TV after 7 seasons on ABC

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
'The Good Doctor' to end after 7 seasons on ABC
'It's inspiring.' It's uplifting.' 'I'm going to cry.' The cast members of ABC's 'The Good Doctor' get emotional thinking about the show's ending after seven seasons on ABC.

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- There are two more opportunities to "check in" to "The Good Doctor" before the show "checks out" after seven seasons of TV drama. The tight-knit cast has some final thoughts about saying goodbye.

"We're all going to be cry babies. I haven't cried yet. But I know for a fact, I mean, listen, if I'm the kind of person that if someone right next to me is crying about something, I'll cry. So, of course, I'm going to cry," said Christina Chang.

"The Good Doctor" storylines are coming to an end in the final two episodes.

"I think the ending is so beautiful. It's inspiring. It's uplifting. It's, it's full of hope. And I tear up thinking about it. I teared up when I read it," said Fiona Gubelmann.

"I think every good thing has an end. And I'm ready for it. I mean, for something to end, you know, in order for something beautiful and nice to begin, there needs to be an end," said Bria Henderson.

For Chuku Modu, who appeared in the first season, and again in this last one, it's been a great education: "This has kind of been my drama school, you know, learning from people. And I was very much season one, just, like, the green kid, just like, 'Oh my God,' like, learning, learning, learning. And that's continued."

Moving forward, Will Yun Lee wouldn't mind hopping onto another ABC series, and he has a connection to the star of one of them.

"I have some favorite shows and one of them is 'Will Trent' and Ramon (Rodriguez) used to be my roommate. So, I love that show," said Lee. "You can put me on 'Will Trent' or 'The Rookie.'"

Another former regular on "The Good Doctor," Antonia Thomas, is back before the show says goodbye. The show's star and executive producer Freddie Highmore says everyone is thrilled to see her return.

"She was such a big part of the show for so long and is a dear friend. And so it's lovely to be able to work with her and see her again," said Highmore.

"The Good Doctor" airs Tuesday nights on ABC and next day on Hulu.

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