Houston ISD board narrowly passes $2.1 billion budget for upcoming school year

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Friday, June 14, 2024
HISD narrowly passes $2.1 billion budget for upcoming school year
Superintendent Mike Miles' budget passed in a late-night five-to-four vote. As part of his plan, one-third of the funds will go toward the 130 "NES" schools.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston ISD board meeting went late into the night to pass the budget for the upcoming school year.

In a rare, split five-to-four vote, HISD trustees voted to pass Superintendent Mike Miles' $2.1 billion budget. As part of his plan, one-third of the funds, or $684 million, will go toward the 130 "New Education System" or "NES" schools.

Funding has been a controversial topic when it comes to job cuts. There have been 1,500 HISD positions eliminated between November and June to save money.

On Friday, parents will be able to find out how their children did on this year's STARR testing and will be able to individually look up test results.

SEE ALSO: HISD students 'stepped up' on 2024 STAAR test, achieving best academic growth, superintendent says

HISD Superintendent Mike Miles said the 2024 STAAR test results show students exceeded expectations and had one of the best growth rates.

Overall results were released earlier this week, showing students are doing better in reading and math. The data shows students at the 130 NES schools have improved more than students at non-NES schools, according to Miles.

Miles said in reading and math, NES schools had the largest single-year increase of any urban district in Texas ever.

However, the data also shows that HISD students are still behind statewide testing rates across all subjects, according to analysis by the Houston Chronicle.

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