Former 'American Idol' contestants reveal who they want to replace Katy Perry

Iam Tongi, Triston Harper, Will Moseley and more offer their suggestions about the next "Idol" judge

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Friday, June 28, 2024
'Idol' alums suggest candidates for new judge to replace Katy Perry
From Adele to Lainey Wilson, "American Idol" alumni have suggestions for the next "Idol" judge.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- After an incredible seven seasons as a judge on "American Idol," Katy Perry's seat is now vacant. On The Red Carpet caught up with some past "Idol" contestants to see who they think can fill her shoes.

With her legacy on "Idol," it's hard for anyone to follow in Katy's footsteps, and season 22's Triston Harper thought so too, stating "I don't know. That's some competition. She really paved a way for a lot of artists, but I feel like whoever they pick is going to be really good."

Iam Tongi, who won season 21, shared the same thoughts. "I have no clue. There is just- Katy was amazing, obviously. But, I'm not sure!" he expressed.

Colin Stough and Grace Leer each had a suggestion.

"Adele. I've thought that since day one. I thought that she should be on that show," said Colin. "She wouldn't be in the place she was if she wasn't a hard worker. She gets all my respect and I think it should be Adele," he went on to say.

Grace suggested Lainey Wilson. "She has had so much experience in the music industry. She has just climbed her way to the top and has worked so hard to get there, and I think that she'd be able to see that talent that's really fresh and new and just give really great advice and feedback," she explained.

Will Moseley, who was season 22's runner-up knows that the decision is going to be a tough one to make, saying "I'll tell you this right now. Somebody's got a big decision to make and I'm just glad it's not me."

ABC has confirmed a 23rd season of "American Idol" is coming, but an official premiere date has not been released. While you wait, you can watch past seasons of "American Idol" streaming now on Hulu.

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