What to ask yourself before interacting with AI-generated images, according to the experts

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Friday, May 31, 2024
What to ask yourself before interacting with AI, according to experts
Since we're still learning how to live with artificial intelligence, experts say there are steps to take and questions to ask before interacting with AI-generated images.

Before interacting with content and images generated using artificial intelligence, experts say there are key questions you need to ask yourself.

Chris Nilsson, the director of IT services at Fort Bend ISD, says since we're still learning how to live with AI, you want to make sure you have as much information as possible.

"Teaching your kids that skill. When you see an image, do you feel a strong emotion?" Nilsson said. "If you do, stop and ask yourself, 'Who is wanting me to feel that? Where did this image come from?'"

Before interacting with images online, you should:

  • Always question the source of the image
  • Consider doing a reverse Google search of the image
  • Ask yourself what the information or image is asking of you
  • Consider all the possibilities before interacting with or uploading images

"The best way to get an image off the internet is for it to have never been on there because the truth is, once an image is out there, removing or recovering that image is next to impossible," Nilsson warned.


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