Lawmaker takes on controversial HPV vaccine bill

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- One lawmaker has decided to push a bill taking on the controversial topic about the HPV vaccine.

Republican representative Sarah Davis is trying to push a bill that would let children 14 and over make a decision for themselves to get the vaccine without parental consent.

HPV is most commonly transmitted sexually and is cancer-causing.

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While the youth vaccine can prevent HPV from developing into cervical cancer, conservative and religious groups widely contest the idea that children and teenagers should receive preventative treatments for STIs.

Representative Davis' office released this statement:
"HB 97 would allow minors 14 and older to legally consent on their own behalf to receive the HPV vaccine, which prevents various forms of cancer, including cervical cancer and head and neck cancers. It does not mandate the HPV vaccine."

Natasha Barrett sat down with a mother who is against the vaccine bill on ABC13.
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