Houston mayor to seek council approval for DNC 2020 bid

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The city of Houston will likely make a bid for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, a spokesperson for Mayor Sylvester Turner said Thursday.

Turner will be "significantly involved" in the presentation to the DNC and will ask the city council for its blessing at its meeting next Wednesday.

While the proposed resolution is non-binding, it would signal official city support for the bid and grant some small concessions to the DNC, like the use of space for offices and parking and rent-free use of the George R. Brown Convention Center for media staging.

Earlier this year, Turner expressed disappointment over the failed bid for Amazon's new headquarters after a city partnership offered the Seattle-based company at least $268 million in "cash and tax incentives."

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"Too many parts are controlling the whole," Turner said at a January council meeting. "What has happened for too long and too many years is [the city has] deferred. That time is no more."

"I could've stomached, if at the end, we didn't [get it], at the end, still, I would not have liked it, but not to get in the top 20? That's unacceptable."

Houston stands with seven other cities for the convention: Atlanta; Birmingham, Alabama; Denver; Miami Beach; Milwaukee; New York and San Francisco.

Two cities have never hosted before: Birmingham and Milwaukee.

Houston last hosted the Democrats in 1928.

The bid is contingent on a number of factors and while likely, not guaranteed, a spokesman said.

Applications are due to the DNC June 15.
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