Create colorful memories at Picturistik in Burbank

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Thursday, September 23, 2021
Create colorful memories at Picturistik in Burbank
Celebrate creativity with color, neon lights, and more at this experience featuring local SoCal artists.

BURBANK, Calif. -- There's a new place in town to unleash your inner creativity, and its called Picturistik.

Picturistik is a collaboratively-produced art experience by local SoCal artists. There's a picture-perfect spot in every corner.

"Me and my husband created Picturistik for other artists, like myself, or art lovers," says Sirce Jasso, Creative Director. "You're expected to see difference sceneries in each room because I wanted to create different emotions in every room."

With a passion for creating space for local artists to have a canvas, Sirce Jasso hopes to inspire artists, creators, and visitors that their dreams can come true, too. "I want them to feel like if this Latina girl did it, then why cant I do it?"

From the cloud room to the gold room and the garden room, guests can find themselves in a new surrounding every few steps. Each are just as "Instagrammable" as the previous.

"They have a fun vibe that is not only for those who are in social media but even for those that just want a fun date night," exclaimed Chynna Dulay (@itschynnamarie).

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