Fly, Texans, Fly? Eagles-Texans hat sold at Costco leaves fans scratching their heads

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- The Houston Texans and the Philadelphia Eagles found themselves bonding over a mistake that some fans might find comical, while others might be left shaking their heads.

A man named Tyler Weston, who works at a Costco in Concordville, Pennsylvania, came across a new shipment of hats sporting the Eagles logo.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but then Weston discovered some embroidery on the brim. Instead of reading the team name "Philadelphia Eagles," it read "Houston Texans."

"I started cracking up and said I can't believe they made this mistake," Weston told 6abc Action News.

Weston shared his photo of the hat with his friend, registered nurse and Eagles fan Gina Lewis. She tweeted her grievance out on social media.

The Texans' Twitter account saw Lewis' tweet and had some fun with it, changing the Eagles' famous cheer of #FlyEaglesFly to #FlyTexansFly.

The Eagles answered that with an altered hashtag of their own. Instead of the Texans' #WeAreTexans, they tweeted #WeAreEagles.

Though Weston found the hat, he said he passed on purchasing it. But one of his friends couldn't resist adding the unusual headware to his collection.

"I did not buy it, but my coworker who is a Texans fan did and is hoping that the Texans can win the Super Bowl this year so the hat will have the last two Super Bowl champions on it," Weston said.

But that's not the only snafu that has football fans balking.

Dunkin' Donuts customers in Massachusetts, where the company is based, reported receiving cups bearing the Eagles logo and the words 'World Champions,' instead of ones showing the Patriots' emblem.

Dan Minkle of Minkle Boys Catering posted a photo of one of the cups he purchased at a Dunkin' Donuts in the town of Wareham. The photo went viral being shared and reposted by many including radio stations.

6abc Action News reached out to Dunkin' Donuts on Monday about the reported mix-up. They say, "We appreciate our loyal customers for bringing this to our attention, and we are taking steps to ensure all of our local stores are stocked with the correct cups."

It's not known if Philadelphia area stores were sent any Patriots cups.

Ironically, the Texans will open the season against the Patriots in New England on Sunday.

The Eagles kick off the regular season Thursday at home against the Atlanta Falcons.

Perhaps the Pats will be drinking from their Eagles cups as the Texans wear their Eagles hats.

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Dunkin' Donuts sends Eagles cups to New England. Report from September 3, 2018.

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