Video shows panda cub keeps falling out of trees

WASHINGTON D.C. (KTRK) -- The Smithsonian's National Zoo has released hilarious footage of one its star attractions, a giant baby panda on Friday.

The zoo's youngest panda, Bei Bei, has been working on his climbing skills at the zoo's panda house. He appears quite bamboozled.

The zoo says to bear with them and not to worry about injury. Giant pandas are extremely adept climbers and often ascend trees during play sessions, the zoo said in its Facebook post.

Zookeepers say Bei Bei seems to be thrilled about falling from trees, finding more fun as it turned it into a game, while practicing some climbing skills.

The male giant panda cub appears to be all recovered from life-saving surgery last November to remove a lemon-sized mass of bamboo from his small intestine.

Bei Bei will turn two years old in August.

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