Pregnant pup's maternity photo shoot is the cutest!

OLYMPIA, Washington (KTRK) -- Congratulations are in order for Fusee the dog! She is a mom to eight new puppies, who are already internet famous.

Fusee's owner, Elsa Veria-Means, posted photos on Twitter of the dog's maternity photo shoot on June 26 when the was 8 weeks pregnant. Yes, it was a real maternity shoot for a dog and it made animal lovers across social media light up with joy.

"My best friend is 8 weeks pregnant, so we decided to do a maternity photo shoot," Veria-Means wrote.

Photographer Clayton Foshaug captured the adorable moment between Fusee and Veria-Means. Foshaug said Veria-Means had been wanting to do the photo shoot for a while, but it didn't actually come together until the last minute.

Fusee channeled her inner flower child, wearing a crown of flowers around her head. In one photo, Veria-Means had a poster that read, "Soon 2 Be Mom!"

And just like any other maternity photo shoot with the woman showing her pregnant belly, Veria-Means held Fusee up to show hers.

"Fusee was such a great doggie model and made it easy and fast," Foshaug told ABC13.

The photo shoot came just in time. Fusee had her puppies Wednesday night.

And in case you're wondering, yes. A photo shoot with Fusee and her new babies is already in the works.

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