You can teach your dog to be a model doggie citizen

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is you dog not behaving the way you would like? Perhaps she pees on the carpet or chews up your shoes.

Canine Assistants is one of the top schools for training service dogs. Their experts say you can use their professional methods to make your dog an even happier, better behaved dog.

Their first tip is to remember to "Teach Don't Train." Instead of training your dog to follow commands directly, teach your dog to follow your mood and act the way you are acting: calm to watch a movie, but playful at the park. This will help your dog make good decisions without you having to tell him exactly what to do all the time.

The dog teachers from Canine Assistants say you should also develop and exercise your dog's brain power. In addition to daily physical exercise, your dog also needs daily mental exercise. For example, you can teach your dog the name of each of their toys.

Here's a look at some of the amazing Canine Assistant graduates in action.

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Here's a video of some of the Canine Assistant dogs doing great work to help people live better lives.

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