Conroe woman, lost cat reunite 8 years later

CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- A woman was reunited with her cat Wednesday after it had been missing for eight years.

A micro-chip company called Linda Barry and asked her if she was missing a cat.

"I responded, 'What cat?' Barry said, "And they said, 'Well, do you have a cat named Chloe?' And I said, 'Well, I did eight years ago."

Barry said the gray tabby was a neighborhood favorite before she went missing, visiting different families for cat treats. Then one day, she was gone.

"So I put out flyers, I went door to door and no sign of Chloe anywhere," Barry said. "So I finally eventually gave up after a long period of time."

Barry picked up Chloe from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter Wednesday. She said she has another cat that will be micro-chipped immediately. Without a micro-chip identifier, Chloe may still be missing.

"At any rate, we're glad Chloe's coming home," Barry said. null
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