Animal rescue group about to be homeless

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- K9 Angel Rescue has saved nearly 2000 homeless dogs, most of them from euthanasia at shelters in the past three years. Now the non-profit is about to be without its own home.

The group was forced to leave its adoption center at Shepherd and Alabama when the property was sold to make way for a commercial business.

For the past three months, courtesy of a developer, it's been housed at what had been a Chinese restaurant on Montrose Blvd. That site, too, has been sold and K-9 has to vacate by week's end.

Adoption coordinator Christine Morgan says she has never experienced a real estate challenge as the one the group is currently facing. "We've always operated in donated space. This time, we're willing to pay a lease but we still can't find anything."

Some 50 dogs are in its care at the moment, with names like Giselle, Pudding, and Patton. A pair of dachshund puppies are also on the list.

"Not only are we looking for a new space, we also need more foster homes to take in these pups," says Morgan. The fewer foster homes, the fewer animals can be pulled from places like Harris County's animal shelter.

The non-profits needs are basic -- electricity, water, and plumbing hookups for a sink and washer and dryer. It also needs to be centrally located.

If you're in a rescue, you need to have a large reserve of hope. Intake Coordinator Mary Tipton has that. "We specialize in dogs, but we like to say we've always landed on our feet like a cat." She hopes history will repeat itself -- and fast.

Interested realtors or landlords can contact the non-profit at So may people interesting in providing foster home to some healthy, happy dogs.
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