Wild hogs leave behind mess in Cinco Ranch

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Wild hogs leave behind mess in Cinco Ranch
Wild hogs left behind a mess in Cinco Ranch.

CINCO RANCH, Texas (KTRK) -- Hurricane Harvey didn't just force people out of their homes. The storm displaced wild animals across the Houston area.

The Pawloski family suffered flood damage to the first floor of their Cinco Ranch house. Murray and Nicole Pawloski told ABC13 when the flood water finally receded, they realized hogs had busted through their backyard fence and even destroyed part of their children's playset.

"This was made for four boys, not for wild boar," laughed Nicole Pawloski. "It looks like a pig pen."

The Pawloskis, like many in their neighborhood, wonder if the hogs might return soon. They haven't been spotted for weeks.

Experts told Eyewitness News the animals most likely returned to the woods where they first came from. If wild hogs are a problem on a property, it's up to the homeowner or the homeowners association to address the situation. Professional trappers are likely your best bet.

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