Texas snake season is here!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The approach of Spring means more than allergies in Texas, it means s-s-s-snake season.

The saying "everything is bigger in Texas" stands true especially when it comes the number of snakes that slither within our state lines.

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The Lone Star State is home to over 76 species of snakes, and if you include subspecies that number jumps up to 115.

While you may be worried that there are towns in Texas with a smaller population, there is some good news. Only 15 percent of those snakes are actually venomous.

Although, the number of venomous snakes is fairly low, it's still important to be informed and know a few snake safety tips.

Watch the video to find out which snakes you should keep an eye out for and what to do if you happen to cross paths with one.
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