Service dog brings smiles to one V.A. hospital

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma -- During this Memorial Day Weekend, there is one place where veterans are smiling thanks to a four-legged friend named Honor.

Honor is a service dog who understands the obstacles that veterans go through.

The golden retriever was born without metacarpals where her back right paw would be located. Honor wears a prosthetic paw to get around the hospital.

Because of her disability Honor could not be a regular service dog such as the ones individuals have in homes. The V.A. was the perfect place for her.

"So devoted. She doesn't know she's handicapped. She's the prettiest three-legged dog I ever saw," said veteran and patient Jim Baker, who has been recovering from knee surgery.

One of Honor's stops is Baker's hospital room at the Jack C. Montgomery V.A. Medical Center.

"This dog has put so much joy in my life today," says Baker to KTUL-TV.

Find out more about Honor at the V.A. web site.