Lost service dog allegedly held for ransom

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A cash exhange caught on camera and then moments later a service dog, Freddie reunites with its owner, Dawn Evins after 10 days apart.

The dog's tail-wagging recorded on cell phone video says it all.

"He's never been like that where he's just crying and going crazy," explains the owner, Dawn Evins.

This story starts on August 27th at the height of Harvey.

"I was walking down 529 down Barker Cypress and it was raining real bad," said Evins.

Evins said a car zoomed by and spooked her service dog Freddie.

"He took off running behind that church and I never saw him again," she said.

Her friend, Jennifer Williams, helped her create a Facebook page and even made flyers. Finally she received a phone call a week later.

"(The man said) are you the dog's owner I was like yes he's like I have your dog but I'm telling you right now nonnegotiable $300 or your dog or you will never see your dog again," explained Evins.

It was not the call they were hoping for.

"I didn't even know how to respond to it, absolutely mortified for my friend," said Williams.

Nonetheless, complete strangers donated money.

"It was so bizarre it felt like a kidnapping," said Williams.

That's why they recorded the whole thing.

"It picked up everything the transaction from when he took the money," said Williams.

To the instant when he counts the cash and then releases the service dog. It was the happiest moment for Freddi and Evins.

"Now I'm angry," she said.

She wants to find out who this man is and why he would keep a service dog from its rightful owner.

"(Freddie) calms me down I have seizures so he helps me with that," said Evins.

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