Cat found 900 miles away from home one year later

GREAT FALLS, Montana -- How in the world does a cat stray 900 miles from home?

No one knows for sure, but one Montana family is thrilled to have Bobby back, more than a year since he went missing.

The orange tabby cat left his Montana home in June of 2017 and was found in Nevada just a few weeks ago.

Now the family has their own theories of how Bobby ended up there.

"The train goes right behind the house," owner Kyle Preston said. "And he goes down there and roams. He's not roaming anymore. He's an at home kitty."

For the past year and a half, Bobby's disappearance didn't stop the family from putting his favorite dish outside in hopes he would come back.

But thanks to Bobby being microchipped, an animal shelter was able to track the cat to Nevada and bring him home safely.
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