Pit bull rescue group helping dog named Peaches who was found hurt near US 59

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- No one knows how long the dog had been laying on the bridge over Peach Creek along the U.S. 59 North feeder road.

But she was found during the height of the ice storm two weeks ago, when the concrete was coated with ice and sleet.

The canine had been hit by a car and was broken and bleeding. A driver stopped, wrapped her in a hoodie jacket, posted a picture on social media, and gave her locations so rescuers could find her.

Those rescuers came in force.

Spring Fults, who has a nonprofit rescue group, Country Love Bullies, put out the call. And while most people stayed indoors, they began searching.

"She wasn't there, so I thought she might have gone down the embankment," Fults recalled of her search for the pit bull.

Fults even did some rappelling to look for the small gray canine.

The group left empty-handed. The next morning there was a social media message asking, "Is this the dog you're looking for?"

Fults picked up the dog from the person who found her and immediately took her to an emergency clinic.

"She'd gone at least a day without medical care and she was in bad shape," Fults remembered of the dog's health. "Her face was swollen, and her leg was broken."

Before the dog went into surgery, Fults gave the small gray pit bull a name: Peaches.

Peaches' leg was broken in several places. The surgical team put two rods in the bone. Wire was also used, and she has what amounts to a small halo device on her front right leg. Screws have to be tightened to ensure the bone stays together while it heals.

"She was in very bad shape," said Dr. Laura Hinton, of BluePearl Emergency Vet Hospital in Spring. "She laid on her side so long, the heart shifted and one lung was collapsed."

Fults' nonprofit gathered enough donations to pay for the $6,000 surgery, but more donations are needed for the after-care and treatment.

The big issue now that Peaches feels better is that she wants to walks around to greet everyone she sees.

"We need to try to keep her calm so she can mend," said Dr. Hinton.

Fults has been recording every step of the journey on Facebook Live, from rescue to vet visits. Peaches now has her own Facebook page and followers from around the world.

"People in Great Britain are commenting," Fults pointed out.

She also has a foster family taking care of her and making sure she visits the vet each week.

"When we first got her - and she was crying in pain in her kennel at the vet's - we opened the door and she tried to get in my lap," Fults said. "I don't cry, but I did then."

Peaches' prognosis is good, and now the goal for the rescue is to find her a permanent home. It's a world apart from the one from which she was rescued earlier this month.

You can follow her at Peaches the Hoodie Pibble and Country Love Bullies on Facebook.

A YouCaring account has also been set up to help pay for her ongoing veterinary treatment.
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