Jet ski blunder leaves Porsche partially submerged in Australia harbor

MUNSTER, Australia -- A Porsche owner was left with an expensive problem after a jet ski launch gone wrong left one of the luxury sedans partially submerged in a Western Australia harbor.

It's not clear exactly how the botched launch unfolded, but video of the aftermath showed the black Porsche Cayenne, which starts at $65,000, in about a foot of water on a boat ramp with the jet ski bobbing behind it, still attached to its trailer.

The Perth Boat School, which shared footage of the aftermath on Facebook, joked that the incident "would be a good time to say that we can also train people how to launch boats."

The accident happened Feb. 14 in Woodman Point, an area outside of Perth that is home to a large national park popular for its beaches and coastal activities.
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