Baby caught on video flipping out of crib at Pearland daycare

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Parents are demanding answers after video shows their toddler flipping out of her crib while at daycare.

Tori and Adam Lamb say their 16-month-old daughter Torah's arm was fractured in two places. She took a nasty fall at her Pearland daycare last month.

"It's really upsetting," said Tori. "Her arm was hurting."

The parents say they dropped Torah and her twin brother off at Starkids Preschool on Broadway the morning of Dec. 16 and that afternoon, the mother got a call that Torah had flipped out of a crib.

A camera that allows parents to watch their children captured it. Two workers quickly responded and picked her up. Her parents say they were first told the incident happened at 1 p.m. It actually happened at 11:30 a.m. They were not notified, they say, until 4 that afternoon.

"They should have called us. They should have informed us and let us figure out what we needed to do to get her seen by a doctor immediately," the mother said.

"It's like, 'Does our kid even matter or is it just for the monthly payment that you were getting from our kid,'" said father Adam Lamb.

Telena Edwards, the daycare director, says they did try calling the parents earlier but did not get an immediate response. She says they would have sought treatment if they thought the little girl was hurt.

"We're really regretful the situation happened. It was an accident. It wasn't a case of abuse that anyone did anything to the child," Edwards told ABC13 late Thursday night. "There was no indication there was anything wrong. Of course, we would not have just let the baby suffer. We have tried to reach out to the parents to address concerns they may have but they won't respond."

CPS confirms the incident is being investigated by child care investigations. Starkids has been cited for failing to notify child care licensing within 2 days of the incident, according to online records. It was corrected when they self-reported 3 days later. The Lambs' attorney has filed a complaint with the state.

"You know they're relying on you [daycare] and they failed her. Categorically failed her," attorney N. Lucy Chukwurah said.

The toddler has to wear the brace for 4 weeks. Her parents are hopeful there is no long-term damage.

"We want answers. We want to know, 'What were you thinking and what was your sense of responsibility for our child?'"

To check the compliance history for child care facilities, click here.

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