Montgomery Co. woman receives package of seeds from China

WILLIS, Texas (KTRK) -- A Montgomery County woman said she has received three packages of mystery seeds from China recently, and she's not the only one.

Agriculture leaders from several states across the U.S., including Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, have issued warnings urging people not to open the packages of seeds in fear they could contain invasive species harmful to native plants and livestock.

Miller said the mysterious packages of seeds are labeled as jewelry, just like the packages sent to Alice Fornet in Willis.

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"I've been ordering seeds from Amazon for a while now, and so it's no surprise to see them come from China," Fornet said. "I never really looked at them until recently. I noticed that one of them had said that they were at ear studs, which were little bitty seeds, little tiny seeds, and I was just going to bury them. I figured that's how they did it for their postage, I guess, to make it cheaper. But then I saw the newscast about them, and then I received two more. And I looked at them and one of them said wire connector and the other said stud earrings. They're all three different types of seeds."

Fornet said she contacted the Department of Agriculture to report the seeds, but is still waiting to hear back.

The Texas Department of Agriculture said anyone who has received a package should not open or plant any seeds from a foreign package and keep them in their original sealed package.

Anyone who receives unsolicited seed package, is urged to report the packages to

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