Houston Esports team and fans prepare for first-ever homestand

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Saturday, February 29, 2020
Esports team prepares for first-ever Houston tournament
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After three years, it's a dream come true for fans, and players as the Overwatch League finally comes to Houston this weekend

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After three years, it's a dream come true for fans and players as the Overwatch League finally comes to Houston.

If you think Esports is just people watching others play a video game, you're way off. Last year, Dallas hosted the first-ever Overwatch League homestand.

A sold out event with lights, fireworks, and screaming fans. Pete Mora was one of them.

"You can feel the electricity once you walk in," Mora explained.

Mora has been an Outlaws fan since the team started three years ago. He has the jersey, flag, and other accessories.

"I have a whole bunch of Overwatch stuff, like the action figures," Mora said. "Some of the Pops (action figures) my wife got me. I've got the cookbook actually, too."

One thing Mora hasn't been able to do is watch the Outlaws play in Houston. That changes this weekend.

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"I'm actually more excited about this than the Super Bowl," Mora explained.

For the first time ever, the Outlaws are hosting a homestand at Revention Music Center.

It's been a long-time coming for players too. "To make it here, to make it to a stadium like this, the crowd with thousands of people, this is the dream," former Houston Outlaws player Matthew Iorio explained. "We really made it."

Here's how it works: There's a team of six players facing off with the game Overwatch.

There are several teams from around the globe competing this weekend. The Overwatch League has big-name sponsors, and players can make a six-figure salary.

"This was our dream," Iorio explained. "Esports has really come a long way. When I first started playing, it was grassroots in some guy's garage."

If you've never been but want to go this weekend, get ready for quite the experience.

"I've been to Stanley Cup Finals," the global broadcast production director, Frank LaSpina, explained. "I've also been to the Overwatch League Finals, and it was louder for the Overwatch League Finals than the deciding game of the Stanley Cup."

That's an energy Houston Outlaws fans hopes continues to drive more homestands to H-Town.

"Finally, we got it," Mora said. "It's about time."

There are still tickets available for this weekend's event. They start at $50 per day. To learn more about the weekend homestand, visit the Outlaws' website.

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