Optometrist business hit for the third time by thieves in NW Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police are looking for three suspected thieves, who smashed the glass door and got inside "Insight Eyecare" off the Northwest Freeway.

The business owners tell ABC13 the suspects cleaned out $25,000 worth of designer glasses and a few other things.

"I kind of like to say what I really feel, like if I was not on air," says co-owner Dr. Donald Norcini.

He says it's more of an inconvenience if anything, having to clean up shattered glass and reschedule patients.

"It's very frustrating. The cleanup, the damage to the office, the issues with having to replace the frames, and dealing with insurance," Norcini said.

He says it's the third time his business has been hit. He believes thieves like this steal the glasses and then resell them.

Norcini adds, "It's downright wrong and people know this is wrong."

No cash was taken from the shop. Houston Police are reviewing surveillance video.

Norcini and his business partner are hoping someone recognizes the two men and woman covered in tattoos, and call the police.

"My thought process is if they could put half the effort doing something constructive in society than doing this it'd be a little bit better place to be," Norcini said.

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