The oldest American is a 114-year-old woman from Acres Homes

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Friday, May 3, 2024
The oldest American is a 114-year-old woman from Acres Home
Incredible Milestone! Elizabeth Francis was crowned the oldest person in the United States. The longtime Houstonian believes there is one secret to her remarkable long life.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13's last encounter with Elizabeth Francis was on her 114th birthday. This time, she was bestowed with the title of the oldest living person in the United States, a testament to her exceptional longevity.

Elizabeth Francis resides in the Acres Homes neighborhood with her 95-year-old daughter and 69-year-old granddaughter, who care for them both.

When asked if she eats anything special, Francis replied, "I got nothing special. I could eat anything I want."

Francis shared with reporter Melanie Lawson that she never smoked or drank. She also doesn't wear glasses.

How about her hearing? Francis said, "My hearing is the same."

Despite living through two World Wars, two plagues, 20 presidents, and inventions from television to cell phones, Francis does not remember much about history except her family's. For example, her late sister, who lived to 106. They are believed to be among the longest-living siblings ever.

Ethel Harrison is Francis' granddaughter. She believes her grandmother's lifestyle is one secret to her long life.

"She did have a garden. A lot of her food came out of her garden. She would cook herself," Harrison shared.

Francis also kept busy by working, running the coffee shop at ABC13 for more than 20 years.

However, she is very clear about what she always believes is the real reason for her long life.

"I thank God," Francis said, "God is love."