Girl paralyzed for 11 days stuns nurse by standing from wheelchair, walking

One beautiful moment captured on video shows that nurses can be more than just caregivers. They can become cheerleaders and friends.

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Bailey Murrill made an amazing recovery just 11 days after being paralyzed. She decided to surprise one of her favorite nurses by getting out of her wheelchair and walking over for a hug. The nurse's reaction is priceless.

When the nurse sees Murrill sitting in her wheelchair, she approaches her with open arms as if to hug her. Then Murrill stands up. The nurse screams in shock and jubilation and embraces her saying, "Yes! Thank you Lord!"

She holds on for a long time, rocking Murrill back and forth. They both wipe away tears and then go in for another hug.

The video has more than 3 million views on YouTube, with people commenting that this nurse demonstrates how hard health care workers cheer for their patients.

In one popular comment, Connan Reid wrote, "If I ever go to the hospital, I want her as my nurse."

In another, Luke Piechowski, said it highlights what an emotionally draining job it is.

"That is the reaction of a woman who has given too much, for too few victories," he wrote. "Bless our health workers."
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