It's so Texas - Who knew that's how Norwegians describe chaos?

Thursday, October 22, 2015
How Norwegians use Texas as an adjective
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How Norwegians use Texas as an adjective.

Texas is known for many things but did you know that the word "Texas" is used by Norwegians as slang for something crazy or chaotic?

It's true. And it's Texas.

"When it's really loads and loads of things going on and you feel you don't have strong enough terms then 'Texas' just describes it really well," said Anne Ekern, who is a senior advisor with the Royal Norwegian Consulate in Houston.

It's not a new term. She says she remembers her grandparents even using it. Its genesis, Ekern says, is from the perception of early Texas from Hollywoood. The Wild West.

"We mean it in a very positive way. We mean it as a lot of things going on. A lot of action, a lot of fun, and it's totally Texas... or 'Helt Texas' as we would say!" said Ekern.

The Norwegian Consulate says the greater Houston area has the largest population of Norwegians outside of Scandanavia. Many attend the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Pasadena. Karin Abrahamsen works there and admits using the term.

"When you're in a situation when you feel like there's every man for himself, no rules, kind of noisy and a lot of people, yeah, that is why," Abrahamsen said. "My daughter's birthday party could be kind of TEXAS!"

Those with whom we spoke say the term's origins arise out of the perception of Texas created by early Hollywood movies. Scenes of the "Wild West," where lawlessness and the chaos from it often prevailed.

Those who use the term as such want us to know they mean no ill will by its use. Abrahamsen has lived here a year and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

"I love the Texas heat. I love the humidity, everything about it," she said.

She and other Norwegians hope us Texans will realize the label is one of a compliment, rather than a critique.