Houstonians gather at City Hall to remember victims in Nice

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Dozens gather for prayer vigil to honor Nice victims
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Dozens gathered for a prayer vigil to honor lives lost in Nice, one of Houston's sister cities.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- On the steps of Houston's City Hall, dozens gathered tonight for a vigil. They held signs that read, "Pray for Nice." They remembered those killed in the latest terror attack. They promised to stand together.

Stephanie Thomsen was in attendance. She, like many, cannot fathom the violence.

"Especially for us, It's important for us to show our family abroad that we're supporting them even though we're not right there. We all have to stand together and fight these terrorists in a positive way," said Thomsen.

"It's just crazy that it doesn't take guns or violence to create this kind of tragedy. A truck did it. We're not safe anywhere."

Mayor Sylvester Turner also addressed the crowd. He said we cannot allow violence to shake our core beliefs.

"Quite frankly, when evil people allow good folks to stand down and do nothing, we have all lost," said Tuner."

Nice, France and Houston, Texas are sister cities. That connection was established back in 1973.