Houston woman's Facebook photos end up on sex site

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A local woman is outraged the photos she posted on social media are now being used to sell sex.

Adriana Henderson, 21, learned from random people in public or random Facebook messages that her "selfies" were on escort websites.

"Still doing in-calls or on the market? And I'm like what?" said Henderson of some of the questions she's been asked.

It didn't take her long to find her own pictures on several sites. She says she once posted the pictures on her Facebook page after she took them with her phone, then someone ripped them off.

"Somewhere it has to stop. I want my own identity. It's embarrassing. It's humiliating. I'm not that kind of person," said Henderson.

We emailed one of the sites, backpage.com, and called the number listed on another site. No one answered. Later someone texted we had the wrong number. Henderson has tried to contact the sites, too. She just wants the pictures take down.

"I just want to live my life," Henderson said.

Attorney Joe Mathew who successfully litigated a "revenge porn"case believes Henderson has a legal claim.

"If it impugns her reputation and opens her up to ridicule, it would be defamation per se," explained Mathew.

Henderson doesn't think it's a case of "revenge porn," or an ex-boyfriend retaliating, in this manner.

At this point, she thinks it's time to find an attorney.
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