Pasadena woman goes to bed alone, wakes up to an intruder in her bed

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- A Pasadena woman says she was sexually assaulted in her sleep early Sunday morning.

The woman, who asked us not to use her name, wants her story told.

"It was traumatizing. He could have killed me you know, he could have killed me," she said.

She says the attack happened at Las Villas apartments on Richie Street. She claims she woke up after finding an uninvited guest in her bed.

"I rolled over to my right, and I felt and heard someone fall to the floor," she said.

She admitted she drank a bottle of wine while with a friend the night before, but she said that had nothing to do with the assault.

She has no idea how this person got into her apartment.

"He ran out of there. I didn't even hear the door or anything," she said.

Only after being awake a few moments did she realize she was not fully clothed.

"I realized that he had pulled my shorts down in my sleep," she remembered.

She says she recognized the man as someone who lives in the same apartment complex. She admits having his number, but said she never was friendly with him.

She wants other women to see her ordeal and realize they need to be ever-vigilant.

"Lock your doors. Make sure you have something to protect you. Anyone, anyone, your neighbor from the down the hall, like mine, can come and do this to you while you're asleep." She warned.

Police are investigating.

They say that when officers first arrived, the woman did not tell them she had been sexually assaulted. At this point, no arrests have been made.

Investigators are looking to talk to that neighbor this woman identified as her attacker.
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