Woman narrowly spared as car slams into salon

LIVINGSTON, NJ -- A car slammed through a salon in New Jersey early Friday afternoon, narrowly missing an employee who was seated by the front window.

The incident happened just after noon at a New Jersey salon and spa.

Police said a man having a seizure or some sort of cardiac issue struck a parked car, sending it careening into the building.

"We all jumped up because we heard the noise," salon owner Gio Sarracino said. "And then I ran outside to see what happened with the person, and the guy was having a heart attack. We tried to help him, but he was out completely."

No one in the salon was injured, but terrifying surveillance video shows just how close that was to not being the case.

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Two 8-foot by 4-foot glass window panes crashed down onto Lisa Levenbrook, with the car stopping a foot short of mowing her over.

"I was at the wall," she said. "I looked up after I heard the bang, and the car just came at me. And I jumped out of the way."

Levenbrook operates her clothing boutique, called Cravings, at a space inside the salon.

"My desk is attached to that wall, so it came at me, right at me," she said. "I looked up, and I see this car coming in my lap. And then I jumped up."

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All that's left behind now are bricks and glass all over the floor, as well as a big sense of relief for one lucky woman.

Not a scratch," she said. "How I don't have glass all over me is amazing, I don't know how I am alive."

The driver of the car was rushed to the hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. null
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