University of Texas fraternity got prior party complaint

AUSTIN, TX -- The University of Texas received a complaint about a fraternity's portrayal of Hispanics at a party a year before the same fraternity came under scrutiny for a similar party earlier this month.

Records released to the Associated Press show that a compliant was made that members of Phi Gamma Delta wore "stereotypical Mexican clothing" like sombreros, ponchos and mariachi outfits to a party at their house.

What the university did in response wasn't immediately clear.

The complaint was filed electronically in January 2014 with the Campus Climate Response Team, part of the school's Office of Diversity and Community Engagement.

The fraternity threw a similar party Feb. 7, and, this time, more than 20 people complained.

Fraternity President Andrew Campbell apologized then, but could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday.
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