Thieves steal $3,500 purse man just bought from Galleria

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A husband spent thousands on a surprise for his wife, only to have it swiped before he even made it home. And he's convinced the crooks knew exactly what they were after.

Dr. John Freeman was surely going to get the good husband award for this one.

A year ago, a $3,500 Armenta Python bag caught his wife's eyes as they were walking through Neiman Marcus. There's only five of its kind in the U.S. Freeman sneaked away and found a sales person and secretly inquired about the purse.

"She gave me one of her business cards and wrote all the information about the purse on it to handed it to me and I tell her I'll be in touch. And I've kept it into my wallet the entire time," Freeman said.

A year later, Dr. Freeman called the saleswoman back.

Freeman bought the purse and says he mentioned in the store to the clerk he was headed back to the office. He left the store and stopped by this medical complex in Katy.

"I actually had the purse stuck underneath the seat you can't see through the windows of my Suburban," he said.

He says he was gone for 5 minutes. He came out to shattered glass.

"They just hit it with a hammer or a tire iron or something," Freeman said.

He immediately looked under the seat, but the purse was gone.

"My heart just dropped," he said.

The doctor feels he was targeted. The big question is, by who?

"It's really coincidental how fast it happened. Literally I drove from Neiman Marcus to here and within five minutes of me being here the purse was stolen," he said. "One thought I had was maybe someone follow me from Neiman Marcus. Then I started thinking about my pathway."

Harris county sheriff's detectives are on the case.

Meanwhile Dr. Freeman had to break the sad news to his wife.

"She said it just means more to me that you actually thought of me to do this so she was a ecstatic," he said.
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