Teens accused of carjacking woman, leading police on chase

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Five juveniles are facing aggravated robbery charges this morning after police say they carjacked a woman at gunpoint before leading officers on a chase.

An HPD officer spotted a vehicle speeding on the East Freeway inbound lanes around 3:05 this morning. The plates then came back as possibly stolen.

The car then went off the freeway and into the weeds around the 610 East Loop. Police quickly detained all five juveniles.

Upon investigating, officers discovered the teens had vandalized the inside of the car with spray paint. They also contacted the owner of the vehicle who told them the teens had held her at gunpoint when they made off with her car around 9:00pm last night.

No one was hurt. Police say the teens are boys and girls. Their names and ages are not being released. null
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