Teen struck by deputy's car during chase through apartment complex

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A 15-year-old boy is recovering after he was hit by a car at the end of a police chase late Wednesday night. It happened in the Garden City Apartments in northwest Houston.

Investigators are trying to figure out if it was a deputy or the suspect who crashed into the car that caused his injuries.

"It hit me, but it barely hit me," Kevion says.

He says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"If I wouldn't have moved fast enough, I guess I would have been pinned in between the cars."

A Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesman tells us it all started when deputies tried to stop a man who rolled through a stop sign. He sped off, and led them on a chase into the Garden City apartments. He crashed his car, and got out and ran. The lead deputy ran after him.

"The other officer, when he came, he missed the whole driveway and jumped the curb and went dead smack into that Honda right there," one neighbor tells us. "The impact was so bad that it hit the car and it went and it hit the vehicle next to it."

At some point, Kevion was hit. He and witnesses claim he was hit by the car the deputy crashed into. HPD is investigating whether those claims are true, or if the car that hit him was propelled by the suspect's vehicle.

"It's truly terrible because that boy wasn't doing anything to nobody," says Deroy Franklin.

No word from investigators at this time how fast the deputies were going when the chase hit the neighborhood, but Franklin estimates it was about 50 mph. People in the neighborhood say whatever the speed, they shouldn't have been going as fast as they were.

"Nah, not with all them kids that was out there, says Kevion.

"I don't care what the circumstances is, he is not to do that. This is a neighborhood. He could've killed that boy. Many people could've got hurt," another neighbor exclaimed.

The Sheriff's Office says deputies found a shotgun and multiple pistols in the suspect's car, and that they believe he was up to no good when this happened.

He's still on the loose, but when he's caught, he faces three charges: felony evading arrest, failure to stop and give information, and failure to stop and render aid.
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