Teen cheated death when apartment was hit by gunfire

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A family in northwest Harris County came home to their apartment full of bullet holes and now the sheriff's office is investigating. One of those bullets struck the pillow where an 18-year-old usually sleeps.

Dyteshia Giddens walked us through her apartment off Cypress Station Drive pointing out six bullet holes in her wall.

"These came through the curtain," she said, pointing to two holes in a cracked window.

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Three shots were fired into her daughter's bedroom. One of them went completely through the pillow on her daughter's bed.

"She said, 'Mom, I just missed death.' I said, 'Baby, you did,'" Giddens told ABC13.

Giddens and her family weren't home when it happened early Saturday morning. They were out of town for a funeral. But had they been asleep in their beds, Giddens is certain her daughter would have been hit.

"I'm not trying to be the one to have to bury my children, I'm not doing that," she said.

A spokesperson with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said around 1:30am, a witness saw two guys in a car drive down Hollow Tree Lane, which faces Giddens's apartment, and fire multiple shots into the air.

The apartment above Giddens' was hit, too.
Lashaundra Rhie, who lives there, said she heard eight to nine shots.

"Oh, we were scared," Rhie said.

No one was hurt.

Investigators are running tests on the bullets, hoping the results lead them to finding the gun used and the people who did this.

Giddens is relieved this was just a close call, but she says she doesn't feel safe in her apartment anymore.

"I want to know why it was done. Why was my home targeted? I don't know if it was targeted. I doubt it was, but I'm just saying it makes no sense," she said.
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