Surveillance video shows theft of family's RV

PINEHURST, TX (KTRK) -- Montgomery County Sheriff's investigators are reviewing security video in an effort to find the person who took one family's temporary home.

The owner of Hughes gas company checked the security cameras along the sides of his building on the off-chance they caught the thief red-handed. One of the cameras facing the lot where the RV was parked did.

Eyewitness News obtained a copy of that video, which is time and date-stamped January 8th, just before 7:30am. It shows at least one person getting out of the white pick-up truck and hooking it to the RV. After about 10 minutes, the truck pulls off with the RV in tow.

Ladonna Saylor is excited to see the video at first, but her emotions quickly take a different turn.

"For someone to do this to a 6-year-old child that's been through so much, it breaks your heart," Saylor said.

Most everything 6-year-old Trinity got for Christmas was inside that RV. She and her grandmother were living there for the time being.

The local charity, Intercept Ministries, that originally donated many of the Christmas presents is stepping in once again by coordinating new efforts to help this family.

"She knows that there's angels out there that are going to help her. That's what she's been calling them, and that's what they are-angels," Saylor said.

Saylor is still holding out hope investigators will find the RV.

"It's a chance," she said, "Always keep hope."

If you would like to help this family, contact Intercept Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit organization, at Please include Attention Mary Whitt in memo; You can also call Lynette Gibbons at (281) 840-1300.
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