Harris County officials urge residents to use caution on roadways during storm

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Harris County emergency officials are urging residents to get ready for this storm. Emergency teams are assembled and are keeping a close eye on the disturbance in the Gulf headed our way and they are preparing for the worst.

Residents are urged to use caution when out on the roadways during the afternoon rush hour and when traveling to and from evening activities.

"We do need them to understand, as you said, the ground is saturated. The Brazos is still full, the Trinity is still full a lot of the water sheds can't handle much water and it's gonna go somewhere else. And it's gonna go in the streets. We know we're gonna have street flooding. And we know we're gonna have some neighborhood flooding. We won't know which neighborhoods until the rain starts falling," said Judge Ed Emmett.

The City of Houston sent out an alert, urging families to make preparations, too.

Emergency response officials say gather supplies, like food water and flashlights. Remove outdoor items that could blow away with heavy winds. And stay informed with a radio or battery powered TV.

"I hate to use the word Allison but it is a reminder of that, in that it wasn't that strong of a storm, a lot of moisture involved, gonna be a lot of rainfall," said Judge Emmett.

FEMA representatives just set up shop at a community center in the Heights to help families whose homes were damaged in the flooding last month.

"You have to have empathy for them. It's just unbelievable some of the stories. But you also have to maintain and be professional and realize what is needed is to get them the help they need," said Sylvia Harris with FEMA.

Harris County leaders are glad to have FEMA here already, just in case what's headed our way turns disastrous.

Additional flood preparedness tips:

  • Secure valuables and important documents.

  • Avoid driving, if possible. If you must venture out, avoid driving into water of unknown depth. Moving water can quickly sweep you and your vehicle away.

  • Restrict children from playing in flooded areas.

  • Remain in your home during the storm unless instructed to evacuate by local officials.

  • Have a flood insurance policy. For information on flood insurance, visit the National Flood Insurance Program website at www.floodsmart.gov or call 1-888-379-9531.

  • Know your home's risk of flooding. You can view a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM or floodplain map) at the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Map Service Center , or refer to the Flood Control District website at www.hcfcd.org.


    The Houston SPCA is reminding pet owners to take care of their pets during the severe weather.

    Officials say if you don't have an emergency plan that includes your pets, make one now.

    "The most important thing is that if you need to evacuate, you need to take your pets with you because if it's not safe for humans, it's not safe for your pets either," said Brian Latham, Marketing Director of HSPCA.

    Here are some more tips, make sure all your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and remember them when you are stocking up on supplies for yourself. null
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